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kamas is very useful in the game. To get more money is to spend some small skills. I play this game for too long, but in every battle, I can accumulate some experience. When the battle next time when the technology is always enhance. For example, I summed up how could hit gold.
Shum copy of the brush trees, watching luck, but overall relatively stable, with an average daily output is still down there are about 500-700 million for about 110 class, occupation limited.
Long Pig copy of the low, Nissan unstable and should be more than 4 million dofus kamas, suitable for grade 100. But there must be the Master, if you are lucky egg off the explosion, but priceless, that is, a lot of people would not leave the maze, these labyrinth very skills.
Crow copy, lacks a special package material, but experience is very high, must have a Master maze skillful and confidentiality. Suitable level for more than 120, there must be the Master.
Rat, black rat a copy of a copy of production and Long pig is almost, though time-consuming, but if the team there are assassins, and archers, then is a necessary brushes, the assassin should be set with black rats. Archer to be equipped with installed, these packages need to take the black rat, rat pretended raw materials, and the ultimate effect is agile effect. Rats for Level 100 or more must have a Master, black mice for level 120 or more must have a Master.
Tauten copy; I dare say that no country can brush a few Oh, maze difficulty several times larger than the Long Pig. Tauten suit is a fanatic fighter, elf quite suitable equipment, materials are also valued higher. Suitable level for more than 120, there must be the Master.
Werewolf copy of the degree of difficulty is very low, that is time-consuming, yield instability, tens of millions of good luck one day, bad luck, difficult to talk about it.
Royal chicks copy, boss is food, but it can run. There is the best spells a teacher to fly to fight.
Tsukishima boss on monkeys, belonging to boss the game, one of the most cattle, 140 following a no-brainer. Basically, all within a 5 round overturned. So, on Mao is a rare monkey, the blue-hats are sold for more than five million.