Dofus kamas players might be wondering why this is a positiv.

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Lumberjack has been quoted as the most tedious, time consuming profession to level. I beg to differ but do agree that is a profession that can be boring and time consuming. With a lumberjack you have 16 species of trees to cut. Of course the most profitable of these trees comes much much later in the lumberjack leveling. On the upside your products are purchased by a high number of professionals. So, even at a low level you will make kama. Another positive aspect of being a lumberjack is that there are 14 different axes that you can use. Not all axes can be used to cut wood so double check that is a wood cutter as well. Dofus kamas players might be wondering why this is a positiv.have you ever tried killing with a needle and thread? Needle and thread Damage 1 neutral Lumberjack Axe Damage 1-2 neutral Boulgourde of the Glades (axe that can also cut wood).