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dofus kama is good for your spell in Dofus. So I will teach you how to use spells, and the guides is for you. I think it is helpful for you.
Summoning of Tofu-level 5:At level 5, you can cast a tofu every turn, and the tofus start off doing around 15 dmg-20 dmg, and after a few turns of them stealing agility, they can hit up to 35. Summoning of Gobball. You can level this to 5 if you use kamas, and it helps if an enemy finally catches up to you when you are running, and you need a tank and cheap kamas. You will unlearn this spell later for the Summoning of Crackler, but it does help as a level 5 spell.
Summoning of Prespic-we did not level this spell by dofus gold, but if you enjoy PvP, a prespic summon is great for AP raping. Feline Movement-level 3 good MP boost. High Energy Shot-level 4 good to let summons attack twice. Animals Blessing-level it to 5 for +summons. Natural Defense-level 5 for good life boost for summons.
Fangs of Boowolf-level 5 will increase the damage done by allies and buy dofus kamas by 50-80%. Summoning of Bwork Magus-level 5 for decent damage, pushback, and an Area Of Effect spell. Summoning of Crackler-level 5 for an amazing tank summon that even takes away AP, you will unlearn Bobball for this. Summoning of Red Wyrmling-level 5 great damage and unbewitchment.
So much for this. Have a good time!