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kamas becomes very important to us, and I would like to introduce the guide for you. I hope you will like it and kamas.
The newbie Sadida, absolutely refuse to put stat points into any stat but Strength, so help me God, or Kyek will smite me with his mighty Bramble. If you want to be a big bad hairy monster, you will boost Strength to 200 or 250 before you ever think about touching another stat. And when you do get it to 200, the only stat you are allowed to touch is Vitality.
In the later levels, Vitality becomes very important to us. So we suggest racking up 25 Small Scrolls of Strength if you have a current character able to do so. If not then dump your stat points into Str from the start and work on some Small Scrolls of Vitality in your free time. Scrolling Strength before you start to levels a huge advantage if you can pull it off. But unfortunately your fearless leader did not learn that until it was too late, but scrolling vit is second best.
So here is how it goes. If you do not scroll Strength, you will have Strength to 50 by level 10 or cheap kamas. At that point, it costs two stat points for one Strength. It gets real tempting to put two points into Strength and one into Vit, but do not do it. Save that last point so that it only takes you four levels for 10 Strength. By level 70, you will have 200 Strength.
Every other stat just is not worth our precious points. Chance is nice to have, because it gives us Prospecting, and we likes Prospecting, for it gives us Drops. Scroll this up when you get the chance, but do not prioritize it. buy dofus kamas is a good thing, because much of the great +Str equipment you will find also has Int on it.
And we just could not care less. Agility is nice and all, but it just does not matter for Sadidas. Points better spent elsewhere. Wisdom is where it is at. More wisdom = more exp from battles, and that is great because Sadidas are leveling whores, just like Ecas. This is way too stat-point expensive, but the scroll is not hard to get.