Taking A Closer Look At Dofus


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When it comes to MMO’s, there are few titles that rise to the top.  You could say they’re the cream of the crop, the top dog, or the best of the best.  Released in France in 2004 and internationally a year later, buy kamas has become a smash hit in the MMO world.  Developed by Ankama Games and running in Flash, cheap kamas has become a worldwide hit with millions of players taking part.  While the sequel, Wakfu, is long out of beta, Dofus still grows in popularity.  It’s time we took a look at the legend.
The first thing that struck me about dofus kamas was the exceptional design and artwork.  Every character bleeds life and it’s clear that the incredibly talented design team was in love with this project.  The adorable sprites come to life with fluid and intricately detailed animations that are heads above many other Flash-based MMO’s.  The world itself is just as well-designed as the characters.  There are multiple moving set pieces in each of the zones on the map that help suspend disbelief and bring life to the world.  With seven islands spread out across two continents, there is virtually every environment and locale a player could ask for.