A Peaceful End to Kwismas in Amakna


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All the stolen presents found, Harry and Mary Kwismas went back to sea full of relief and ready to return to Kwismas Island to start restoring the damage caused by Grozilla and Grasmera (if those two big moochers have actually left)! We all wish them good luck with their task!
Meanwhile, back in Amakna the temperature has increased enough to send the Kwismas Minotoboul back to his wintery retreat, but the snow hasn't completely melted on Zatoishwan. We should see those buildings draped in winter white for a few more days.
Anyway, the holidays have drawn to a close, we hope you had a good time and got lots of great presents! See you next year for a new Kwismas in the World of Twelve.
Bye for now and good gaming!