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dofus kamas make up and really rely on the experience of your usual. Teach you how to do business. My purpose is not making money in the system, but players earn money. Red dot that beat I do not do. That waste of time. Good luck, hit things, bad luck nothing. Like with the gambling does not make much money.
Now I will tell you about how the players earn the dofus kamas. Now only open two numbers. If the new area then you have received materials on the roof tiles inscribed with banking house. The premise of first went to sell four of this article. Capital 1 million is enough. New Area, the price of materials, set your own. If you do the things collected for each 2000, you sold, we sold 6000 each. To open a number to set up a stall there, Vattern spells. Each one sold 6000 is very easy to sell. What material easy to sell, you will then higher prices. Swords are basically the old players, many of them card. They dofus kamas is not an issue this lightly brush a few books on the list. Therefore, in order to brush 10 3D, 4D. They will not sacrifice any price. Sell Vattern material should be able to persist in 2-3 weeks. Vattern can not sell even went to Green Island. Qing Zhou received material sold. 5000 close to each one. 10,000 for each one sold, I do. However, the time depends on the circumstances of the case the price of your items. Materials, one or two hours a day casual income, collected almost put spell on the opening trumpet at selling. Sold and then closed. Harvested and then sell. Earn one day how much I can not say. But I time a day for at least 100 dofus kamas. A week later you should have a minimum of 5 million.