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dofus kamas is very easy to get. As long as you have the technical skills, you can make a lot every day. Let you know how to make money. In the course of the game, my friends taught me a lot of ways. For example the earn money ways of the archers.
Account Level minimum requirements: Requires difference is 212,111.
Equipment minimum requirements: 3 21 account for every number there are at least globally set.
Recommendations calling for: three account levels to 31. Globally set a set for each account.
Skill points and attributes point is distribution: attribute points to 21 points when a total of 100 properties, the former 4 All in all, Vitality.4 level to 20 plus Strength.2 later after the beginning of the All-Canadian intelligence N. All in all, skill points, .01-11 grade Magic Arrow. Skills upgrading is not necessarily the latter part of grade 1 per liter can add their own can not add time to the retention of skills points, plus the time to know there will be increasing. 11-21 Class All in all, Burning Arrows.
To do: In the coordinates 9-12. 10-12 is an attack against all monsters. Because the two Vice-map monster distribution all in one line, so three senior account row in the battle scene where the first three spaces. According to my attempts, it can spike, and by the way to talk about is, of course, other maps are all you can brush, but put the two circles the highest rate. All of the items were auctioned by the price of each district in accordance with hanging, an average of 24 hours of production in more than 80W.
The auction price is generally 10 is about .12 hours if playing 15000K no 200 sunflower seeds, then , can only say that their own reasons, and then provide the coordinates fall inside the other strange items in the auction which has a non-leap prices.
Perhaps we have provided the coordinates is relatively small, the other coordinates can only be looked for you on their own.