Two exclusive challenges on DOFUS 2.0

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Roll up your sleeves and take part in the challenge organised to celebrate the opening of the DOFUS 2.0 ladders!

In the early stages of a new server your main objective is to level up as quickly as possible to become part of the most powerful players on your server. We'd like to offer two alternative challenges!

Be the first character to reach level 100 in a profession and earn a unique object and a title that will attest to your performance! There's an item and a title in-game for each profession!
Play collectively and be the first on your server to level a guild to 30, and in doing so, win a paddock for the guild!
These challenges are available on all DOFUS 2.0 servers: Crocoburio, Li Crounch, Farle, Agrid, Bowisse, Nomekop, Zatoïshwan and Aermyne.

Good luck everyone!

Here is the list of professions:

Shield Smith
Shovel Smith
Hammer Smith
Sword Smith
Axe Smith
Dagger Smith
Bow Carver
Staff Carver
Wand Carver
Shovel Smithmagus
Hammer Smithmagus
Sword Smithmagus
Axe Smithmagus
Dagger Smithmagus
Bow Carvmagus
Staff Carvmagus
Wand Carvmagus

The different rewards will be distributed on each DOFUS 2.0 server.

The first rewards will be distributed following the DOFUS 2.0 update on Tuesday, December 15, then gradually, as the different objectives are achieved.

There is no time limit to take part in these challenges.

The item rewards for the profession challenges will be linked to the accounts of winning players for life.

The rewards are retroactive for characters who are already level 100 in some professions on these servers.

The paddock awarded for the guild challenge will be chosen by the server's CCM, based on the paddocks available on the server.