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kamas, like shining like a star, there are many who follow their passion for it. So players like to exchange some of their own combat experiences. Today, I also share with friends about combat techniques.
The following is Nissan 100W dofus kamas fighting techniques.
This technology is fighting techniques, the need, and No. 4 team. 3 Plant Master a wizard-level needs of 50, probably about 4 days to complete, may need to equip, or upgrades is too slow is best leapfrog fight monsters.
For example, your four-level increase with the number 40, it is better to play 50 or so strange, one must be equipped to allow. This technique is a dofus kamas plus equipment, daily output 100W dofus kamas easy and as time goes on, level of not less than increased production has continuously increased, this technology, concealment is very high, not easy to titles.
If you do not sell equipment, and a daily output of each of the cash machine, 35Wdofus kamas or so, if you sell equipment and production is not counted, but it can guarantee, 100Wdofus kamas steady as high as 200W dofus kamas all depends on personal luck.
Start the first step the following operations.
First establish two kinds of job. They were a wizard, and three plants Master. See Operation the establishment of the completion of the task.
The next step is to upgrade, and 1-10 junior-level upgrade is practiced around the city to 10 to wear the sheep to upgrade equipment and take up to 20 sheep. 20 and 35 can play tree but hit a tree hit the tree to look at technology, when we should pay more attention to a little experience has. 35 technology, if you can feel, if you can go to -18 that map to try I am talking about are the plants to the level of Master technology does not work, then it is best to go after the 40. Remember to wear wooden set of 45.
Early wizard wear something casual you can wear in the 40 or so squirrels can cover a little increase in the blood and equipment 45 later -18 play dofus kamas on the Master of plants to 56 will find a baby to his own use plus blood.
Skill points given by the addition of skills in each grade points plus 4 points force, 1:00 luck. Best luck and their own level of points is the same as or high point, because luck is a kick down the strange items get lucky with the related 45 after the points are added to the power of luck and blood, this is played at random.
Finally people are selling items: the blasting ore deposit is to -28 58. Wheat is to -2954. Also explosion is a scroll and a number of books that hang off the assembly line after the tractor is sold, or shouting, selling.
Stall operation methods:
Under its own with the click of the mouse and then find the first three rows Organize my shop out of two boxes a thing of your backpack is to set up a stall and then put one off the assembly line before the point of what you pack in front of that box on top of the fork that Kin on OK, and so on can also make some of the dofus kamas.