Kwismas in Amakna!

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Kwismas Island is nowhere to be seen and the villageof Amakna on Zatoishwan is buried under a thick blanket of snow! What happened? We've never seen snow in Amakna before and we got used to wintry underwater currents making the island drift toward the mainland's west coast... But now everything seems disturbed!

Fortunately, Harry and Mary Kwismas, who can be found near Amakna village, are happy to tell us all about what happened on Kwismas Island.

These two former adventurers decided one day to take up permanent residence on Kwismas Island, studying its movements on behalf of the scholars and the erudite Kopen and Hagen (and collecting presents, they'll freely admit). They have observed changes in the climate in recent months. The water temperature seems to have risen, and what with the growing number of adventurers, the development of mass rearing of Dragoturkeys and the relentless deforestation, the underwater currents have been disturbed, pinning the island far from the continent.

As if that were not worrisome enough, another tragedy took place... After being driven out of the Dreggon Peninsula in the month of Novamaire by bellicose adventurers, the terrible Grozilla and Grasmera fled by sea, carrying the last living Sauroshells with them. The two dragons then swam, swam, and swam some more, until they sighted Kwismas Island. Within moments of laying their claws upon their new playground, they began to wreak havoc, slaughtering Itztings and Mini Nuit with casual abandon! Someone call the Kwismas Self-Defense Force!

Then finally, while all of the creatures on Kwismas Island - beings known for their cunning and their malice - cowered in fear, something unexpected happened. The Sauroshells that Grozilla and Grasmera had stored in a cave for protection reached maturity... and they all exploded at the same time.

A piece of Kwismas Island was catapulted into the air by the explosion! This chunk of snow and ice was sent soaring high into the sky... until it fell and crashed straight into the village of Amakna. The snow melted quickly away on Rushu, Rosal, Shika, and Solar - scholars postulate that the cause may be related to the patron saints of these worlds, all associated in some way to fire, spring, or growing crops - leaving the village chilly but unharmed. Zatoïshwan on the other hand, is more likely to want a cold place to keep his drinks, which could be why the snow remains in his Amakna for now.

The couple's camp was on this piece of ice (where they had stockpiled the Kwismas presents collected from the island creatures), and also a small group of Jokey Goblimp. All miraculously survived the fall! The trouble is, the Jokey Goblimp were quick to make off with the Kwismas presents...

Harry and Mary Kwismas are waiting for you near the megalith to the east of the village of Amakna[(4,0)]. They need your help recovering the stolen presents!

As for Amakna, you'd better be careful where you walk. It seems that the drop in temperature caused by the sudden arrival of all that snow has awakened a creature long since asleep... The Kwismas Minotoball!