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dofus kamas is so magic in Dofus game, and the runs guide is helpful for you. I hope you will like it.
Having a single stat increase with no other stat to decrease basically causes the crafting to fail on a constant basis. Having a stat to decrease will make it easier to increase the stats you want to mage and get Dofus Gold. If you are not willing to sacrifice a stat, it is possible to get perfect items and Buy Dofus Kamas but may take many many runes. But how the stats decrease due to failure.
Using pa runes as an example the way the system works, you have a chance that 1-3 stat points can be lost from another stat. It is not a guarantee that it will be lost but normally something has to be given up for another stat to increase at some point. It normally tries to go for similar or higher stat loss with overmagings being hit almost guaranteed with a loss and sometimes almost penalized in our opinion.
Ra runes are the same thing with a chance of 1-10 stat loss or equivalent. It is not exact but we like the chances of a pa rune with little loss to make up for compared to a ra rune that may completely ruin an item and Cheap Dofus Kamas. There is also talk of a stat pool or sink which we are not going to go into.
Single runes like fo, do not seem to be as effective at higher values and fail almost constantly. We believe the minimum we have used em on is 20-30 in a stat but frustration sets in and we normally use pa for most magings.